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Spare Parts for Culligan HI-FLO xN


HFxN 150-2NC , CD HFxN 450-2NC , CD HFxN 900-2NC , CD
HFxN 210-2NC , CD HFxN 600-2NC , CD  
HFxN 300-2NC , CD HFxN 750-2NC , CD  


Culligan Danville Part Number
Culligan International Part Number
Date of Update
10655 01029123 Replacement Valve Assembly 2" for HFxN Softeners and Filters $310.31 2/26/2019
10382 01023933 Controller, HF xN $766.26 2/26/2019
10455 01023766 Factory Assembled and Tested M1 Series Reverse Osmosis System, 1,000 GPD Nominal Capacity-M1-4S $6,046.60 2/26/2019
10450 01014153 Adapter Assembly, Tank Clamp $68.11 2/26/2019
10383 01024654 Kit, CMV, 21" FRP Tank, PVC Distributor $67.84 2/26/2019
10451 01019668 Cap, Injector, With O-Ring $4.44 2/26/2019
10385 01023952 Tank, 24x72, 6"x6" Flange, Fiberglass $2,686.08 2/26/2019
10452 P1014142 Eductor Throat, Blue (14"), With O-Ring $17.93 2/26/2019
10386 01021892 Tank, 30x72, 6"x6" Flg, Fiberglass $2.886.08 2/26/2019
10387 01021893 Tank, 36x72, 6"x6" Flg, Fiberglass $3,527.95 2/26/2019
10388 01021894 Tank, 42x72, 6"x6" Flg, Fiberglass $5,006.66 2/26/2019
10390 01024319 Kit-HFxN Sleeve $48.22 2/26/2019
10384 01023910 Tank, 21x62, 6"x6" Flange, Fiberglass $2,565.15 2/26/2019
10389 01021895 Tank, 48x72, 6"x6" Flg, Fiberglass $6,128.00 2/26/2019


Culligan of Danville has spare parts available for
Culligan HI-FLO 2 softeners, Culligan HI-FLO 2e, Culligan HI-FLO 22, Culligan Soft-Minder Twin Softeners, Culligan HI-FLO 3 and HI-FLO 3e softeners as well as Culligan HI-FLO 50, Culligan HI-FLO 55, Culligan HI-FLO 55e, Culligan HI-FLO xN, Culligan CSM, and Culligan HE High Efficiency 1.5", water softeners.

In addition, spare parts are available for Culligan HI-FLO 2 Depth & Carbon filters, Culligan HI-FLO 2e filters, Culligan HI-FLO 22 filters, Culligan HI-FLO 42 filters, Culligan HI-FLO 55, Culligan HI-FLO 55e, Culligan CSM and Culligan HI-FLO 50 Depth Filters and Carbon Filters


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Culligan HI-FLO xN Controller Assembly w/Enclosure
PN 10445


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HI-FLO xN Softener

Culligan HI-FLO xN Water Softener












Spare Parts for Culligan HI-FLO xN Series Water Softener System

Spare Parts are available through Culligan of Danville Kentucky (located in Central KY) for HI-FLO xN ( HFxN )Series Water Softener Systems for Commercial and Industrial end use customers in North America.